Highly effective, totally non invasive relaxing facial. The treatment not only tightens tired skin and muscles but Transdermally infuses toxin free, clinical grade products such as Lift Btx(no needle Botox) deep into the dermal layers instead of using a needle.

This is an age reversal and preventative treatment with ongoing natural results.

iCon Ultralift Non-Surgical facelift!!

More than a facial...It's a workout for the face! Specialised treatments specifically designed to restore muscle tone and regenerate skin surface using microcurrent. Rewind the ageing process and look as young as you feel with uplifting and preventative treatments to turn back the years without surgery or injections. A visible difference is evident

Using both galvanic and faradic electrical currents to stimulate stimulate lymphatic drainage (to help with puffiness) and to firm and tighten the skin.

Add mesotherapy (non-injectables) for an additional charge of £20

How long will it take to see results

With the Icon UltralIft results are usually visible straight away, giving customers a newly found confidence. It is recommended to have a course (once a week) until desired effect is achieved and then maintained on a monthly basis. Full facial and neck toning refine and replenish, incorporating superior lifting and toning.


You will be asked to complete a health form before your first treatment. Non-surgical face lifts are unsuitable for clients with a pacemaker or heart condition, are pregnant or are currently being treated for cancer.

ICon Ultralift™ Plant Stem Cell Renewal (Anti-ageing)

Specialised facial using micro current with the added benefit of no needle mesotherapy of plant stem cells to protect against premature ageing for all skin types aged 30 plus, offering anti-ageing benefits by strengthening the skin's capacity for cell renewal.

Resveratrol (a natural compound produced by plants) benefits the function and lifetime of cells which help to slow down the ageing process.

70 mins £75

  iCon Ultralift Skin Quenching facial for dehydrated skin

  Targets mature and sun damaged skin to restore and replenish moisture levels. Relaxing treatment with hydrating and nourishing effects. Leaves skin smooth and balanced

45 mins            £50

Neck and Decellote Rejuvinate

Targeting the neck and chest, to reduce visible signs of ageing.· Defines muscle and refines skin tone. · Promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate fluid retention and toxins.· Replenishing sun damaged skin surface· Results in firmer neck and defined jaw line

30 minutes                       £40

  iCon Ultralift Eye & Brow Lift (includes meso Lift

Transform and revitalise tired looking eyes with awakening effects. Concentrating on the upper and lower eye area. Lifting and toning to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fluid retention, crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Includes Meso Lift. See the incredible results yourself 

35 minutes -         £45